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Celebrating Youth! - Art Exhibit


Thank you to all who participated in the
8th Annual
Art Exhibit: "Growing to Greatness"
on January 30, 2011


Write, Draw, Paint, Photograph!

Make a Collage, write a Poem, create a Sculpture!

See the Past Events page for pictures of past entries.

The 2011 theme for our event and the art exhibit was “Growing to Greatness,” highlighting all aspects of personal growth and positive development.  Here are some questions we asked to inspire the artists:

What does “Growing to Greatness” make you think of?  What impact have friends, family, and community had on helping you become the best that you can be? What events in your life or the world around you have had a positive influence on your growth? In what ways have you changed from when you were younger? What hopes and dreams do you have for your future or your community’s future?  The theme is purposely open-ended to allow the widest range of creativity and interpretation.  It is important, however, that the submitted artwork addresses the theme in some way.

Students could enter individually or as a group.  Everyone received a certificate of participation and all of the art received was displayed at Celebrating Youth! 2011 on Sunday, January 30th at Monona Terrace.

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