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Celebrating Youth! - Activity Areas

Thank you to all who brought activity areas to Celebrating Youth! 2011!

Wisconsin Youth Company - Host of Celebrating Youth!
The Wisconsin Youth Company family of programs wants to meet your family!
Learn more about our AFTER SCHOOL programs, summer day camps, Wander
Wisconsin travel camps and Middle School U and summer enrichment courses. Activities showcased will highlight the Wisconsin Youth & Family Center Hip Hop 360 program. Staff from our various programs will be available to answer your questions and tell you about all of the opportunities available for your elementary or
middle school age child. Stop by and sample hands-on activities that will
spark your child’s curiosity and inspire them to grow to greatness! Family
fun for all ages!

Aldo Leopold Nature Center
Visit the Aldo Leopold Nature Center’s activity area to make your very own Living Locket! After learning how seeds sprout, make a memorable necklace that will use sunshine and your body’s heat to grow into a real live sprout! Join us to get growing!

Wake up your creativity with Artterro!  Each Artterro eco art kit contains beautiful, natural materials and hours of fun. Today you can choose from three of our unique projects. Make a bookmark with our handmade paper and decorate it with beads and sequins, give needle felting a try with our bright wool ornaments and thread, or make a collage necklace with wood and glass beads. No matter what you decide to make, you'll impress yourself!

Dean & St. Mary's - Healthy Kids Area

Everyone loves Crash Helmet and Happy Heart, Dean & St. Mary’s huggable and educational mascots.  Check out their booth for lots of kid-friendly activities with a message – good health and safety! and

Hop on Stage
Try out some of the moves you saw!  Wild Rumpus Circus will help you “try-a-trapeze” after their performance.  Try a diabolo with the EMCC Jugglers after their performance.  Come and experience a moment of calm, peace, and centeredness as you learn the simple Tai Chi Animal Frolics form created by integrated arts educator, Gerri Gurman. Adults and children alike will benefit from moving with gentle flowing motion as a crane, bear, monkey, deer, and tiger.

Insect Ambassadors
Some arthropods are masters of construction. Many of us can remember seeing beautiful spider webs, but did you know that there are some insects that are fantastic builders too? Come learn about the relationship between plants and insects and how they are interdependent on each other for life!

Madison Children's Museum
Come enjoy hands-on play with Madison Children’s Museum’s exhibits. Plant a garden and run a market stand with our Let’s Grow mobile exhibit. Kids and families can also enjoy related art activities and learn more about our new museum.

Procession of the Species
Join the artists and puppeteers of "Procession of the Species" in creating a
"Cardboard Forest" at Celebrating Youth 2011! We will fill our space with
plants, birds and animals made from recycled materials. Learn to transform paper
and junk into fantastic creatures! Our paper mache puppets and masks made by
community volunteers will also be on display for all to see. Procession of the Species is a community biodiversity art project. Six weeks of free, open workshops are held each spring for people of all ages to create puppets and masks for our June Summer Solstice festival in Olbrich park. Handmade creatures of all shapes and sizes celebrate together in this joyful yearly celebration. Visit our website at for more
information on how to be a part of Procession 2011!

Wild Rumpus Circus Activity Area
Stop by and grow to great heights as you learn to balance on the tight wire! We'll be offering hands-on circus activities, including balancing and juggling, wire walking, acrobatics and tumbling.

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